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L’histoire complète de Georges Malbrount, Panama Papers, Arabie Saoudite et GWA

Country Reports LTD Publication and Global Watch Analysis

(Panama Papers and potential financial crimes)

 The site and the monthly newsletters Screen Watch (in English) and Ecran de Veille (in French), which are versions of this site in paper format, are publications dedicated to geostrategic prospecting, security watch and the fight against terrorism, extremism and fanaticism in all their forms. The site was just launched in March 2019.

The organization is heavily involved in promoting the book and has clear ties to Egyptian politician and journalist Abdulraheem ali. They have done little to talk about the Qatari Papers book and have attacked Qatar on several occasions. The organization may be funded and recruited by the Emirates by Egyptian intelligence and its representative Abdulraheem ali.

 Companies involved

 Countries Reports Publishing LTD.Company Number: 06741319 VAT Number: GB977991730 Address: 191 Waltham Way, London, E48AG, United Kingdom.

The editorial office is located in Paris: Roosevelt House, 6 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008, Paris, France E-mails: [email protected] /   [email protected]

History of the Organization and its companies:

 Countries Reports Publishing LTD was established in London in 2008 but has a new director as of May 2016. The director is the focus of this research. The company does not have a website or any known activity in the field or the virtual world. It’s just a business listing.


There is no transparency for the two companies which do not have a clear telephone number or means of communication. How is it that an organization like Global Watch Analysis in Paris (with an Office) does not have communication telephone numbers?


The London Link

 ASHMAN, Thomas Edmund (A man from Panama Paper!)

The mysterious man and the relationship with Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot

 The research below is a great find. It shows that the editions of the new book (English and Arabic) of the Qatari Papers have been translated, reviewed and published with

Investigation steps

  Step1 – We just look at the cover page to see the publisher name as shown in the Amazon file. We have known this name from the publisher which is “Global Watch Analysis” which is think tank claiming to be in Pars, but trades under british company called Source “PAYS REPORTS PUBLISHING LTD”

 Step 2: We follow the new publisher to check their status.

Thus, Georges Malbrunot’s new book in Arabic and English is printed by Global Watch Analysis Editions which is a company based in London under the name of “PAYS REPORTS PUBLISHING LTD with the company number 06741319. https: // www.

 Step 3 – We can’t wait to meet the publisher of Malbrunot’s new book for an interview!

We discover a shock, there is no office, no headquarters or premises.

The publisher is a residential address in the far north of London which is 191 Waltham Way, London, E48AG, United Kingdom. Source:

 Step 4

We visit the company’s home to confirm what we found in Google.

The results are the same, the Malbrunot publisher’s address is a house in North London. The company is owned by Thomas Edmund ASHMAN. Source:


Step 5

We just check the financial situation of the business. We have discovered BIG NEWS. We noted that the net current assets amount to 197 euros and that the total net assets amount to 97 euros. Meanwhile, capital reserves stand at 97. These accounts were not handed over to UK HMRC and Company House until August 2019, a few months before the book’s release (Arabic and English). Source:

  Step 6

We verify the name of the owner of the publishing house, ASHMAN, Thomas Edmund . We find another company called JUMBO VENTURES LIMITED. A company working in the field of development of construction projects, purchase and sale of own real estate, Other service activities not elsewhere classified. How is it that a man who owns a publishing house works in building houses? It really worried us and made more checks. Source:

 Step 7

We did further checks on ASHMAN, Thomas Edmund . We found 4 other businesses under his name with an address in Dublin, Ireland. This increases our doubts and decide to check in Google!

  Step 8

We take the next step and discover the great scandal where the Editor of CHRISTIAN CHESNOT ,  GEORGES MALBRUNOT  new edition is listed in the Panama Papers where tax evasion, criminals hide their wealth. We found that he is a shareholder of a company called  QUINN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED . The company according to panama papers has ties to companies such as  MOSSACK FONSECA & CO. (UK) LIMITED  and Lyntell Corporate Management Limited all fall under the jurisdiction of:  BVI (British Virgin Islands)
Source: -edmund-ashman_12149792

 Step 9

Our further checks can confirm that Ashman has opened 26 companies where all have closed and dissolved except 6. Most of them are registered in apartments. Some of these companies have assets of more than 2 million euros. Meanwhile, the publishing house has as little as £ 1600 in assets which is not enough to publish a book or partner.

 It is abnormal and suspect for a person to open all these businesses and shut them down.



Step 10

We have carried out new checks on the financial situation of the 6 running companies and conclude as follows:

 APL EUROPE LTD. ( 10272130) – = Total assets : € 2,709,502  

CENTRAL MEDIA EUROPE LTD. (07286496)      Total assets: 809,707 with current capital of 34,060 euros

BLACK PEARL HOLDING LTD (06837174) =  Total assets: 47,600 with current capital of 4057 euros only
TOURIST TIC LTD (05829205)  = Total assets :
40,664 with current capital of only £ 3,877 SOS RENOV + LIMITED (05873077)  = Total assets : 19,371 euros with current capital of only 71,143 euros COUNTRY REPORTS PUBLISHING LTD (06741319)  = Total assets : 1,603 euros with current capital of only 97 euros

JUMBO VENTURES LIMITED (05014905) =  Total assets: Not available

  1. Source:
  2. Source:
  3. Source:
  4. Source:
  5. Source:
  6. Source:


We tried to find out more about the information about Ashman or his work, but could not. All indications based on our research confirm that Ashman is involved in financial crimes and tax avoidance activities. It is clear where he opened 26 companies, closed 20 and still trades under 6 with various capitals in each company. We can only find one piece of information about her which is her wedding announcement as shown below:


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  • Thomas Ashman and ties to the Saudis


Mr Ashman’s main client remains unknown, although he was investigated by the ICIJ as part of the analysis of the illegal proceeds of the trust company Mossack y Fonseca, which is commonly known as the name “azane Paper” [1] . This client (or these clients – from some documents we might think there are two cooperants [2] ) has a holding company in Victoria (Seychelles) called Watergardens Corporation Ltd. Victoria [3] . This company also controls many offshore entities [4] . Unfortunately, the documents held by the ICIJ cannot explain anything about the ownership and use of all of these businesses.

7.3.4 Another Seychelles-based entity of Mr. Ashman, mostalina Investments SA Victoria, owns another group of other offshore entities [5] , not all of which are included in the “ouch Papers ” [6] .   Mostalina Investments is also one of the shareholders of Watergardens Corporation Ltd. Victoria [7] . The network of companies around Mostalina Investments was mainly used to funnel stolen assets into the frozen assets of the bankruptcy of Landsbanki AS Reykjavik [8] . Due to the 2008 global crisis, this Icelandic state-owned bank became insolvent and the Icelandic courts ordered compulsory liquidation and froze all assets [9]. After a long battle in court, the judgment awarded to each damaged account holder reimbursed 65.1% of their loss [10]  – but the measure failed, because, in the meantime, the bulk of the assets frozen disappeared – as documented by the Association of Victims of Landsbanki [11] . Besides this case, Mostalina Investments controls 100% of Tarmotion Consulting Ltd. London [12], Blue Payments Ltd. London and Mostalina Investments SA Birkikara (Malta) [13] .

7.3.5 Nous avons une autre piste menant à l’île Maurice[14],dont les propriétaires sont impossibles à identifier encore. Le syndic africain,  Joseph Pierre Benoit  Ducray, a également participé à la collecte des Panama Papers en raison de deux autres sociétés, la Bradley B. Factoring Ltd. Tortola et la  Vodavi  Technologies Ltd. Victoria[15]. La première société semble avoir un propriétaire non identifié dans le BVI[16]; la dernière semble avoir un intervenant samoan non identifié[17].

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7.3.6 M.  Ashman a également un lien étroit avec la Saudi  IsDB Islamic Development Bank Ltd. Jeddah, visible au Royaume-Uni par le rôle d’une sociétéashman-administrée, la  Dawnfell  Ltd. Tortola (BVI), qui contrôle 100% de la Britten Development London (qui a un capital important de 15,5 millions gbp et achète des propriétés immobilières au Royaume-Uni)[18]  et possède un bâtiment à Bayswater (London City), dont les appartements sont contrôlés et administrés par la Hyde Park Towers Management Company Ltd. Londres[19] Ashman. La société est dirigée par Mme Claxton-Oldfield (qui dirige également Britten Development) et les deux citoyens saoudiens Ayman S.A. Gasim  et Talal Al-MashanMashan[20]. M.  Gasim  appartient à une famille de banquiers saoudiens et soudanais, qui travaillent pour  IsDB en Arabie saoudite (Ahmed  Azhari  Gasim[21]) et au Canada(Mazin  Gasim[22]). Ils sont les descendants d’Awa Sharif  Gasim, un théologien et homme politique soudanais vivant au Royaume-Uni, qui a été ministre des Affaires religieuses au Soudan en 1971[23].


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